The beach

One of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Lake Balaton, the Csopak beach, which is expanding with new developments, welcomes those who want to go to the beach with a sandy, safe, designated bathing area.

The beach has been repeatedly awarded the Blue Flag Balaton beach certification for the most beautiful beach in Balaton.

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530 m

Long beach

15.000 m2

Green area


Parking space


Welcome to the tranquil Csopak Beach, nestled along the pristine shores of Lake Balaton, where crystal-clear waters beckon for endless enjoyment.

Gather with family and friends in this idyllic setting, indulging in a variety of watersports, savoring the local culinary delights, and marveling at the stunning sunsets that illuminate the horizon.

Experience the allure of Csopak Beach, a hidden jewel on Hungary’s beloved lake, offering an unparalleled retreat into the lap of nature.